31 Days of Music - Billy Joel - Greatest Hits #tinychallenges

Curtis loved Billy Joel (his music anyway). I never really understood it until a few years after Curtis’ death and I had dealt with the pain of his loss. While Curtis loved lots of music, I actually hear Piano Man in his voice and not Billy’s. Its not that I ever remember Curtis covering the song on his guitar or in the few times I heard him really play piano, but the voice is somehow transposed in my head to his tones and not the original’s.

Without Curtis’ passing, I doubt I ever would have become even a halfway fan of Billy Joel. Its not that I don’t think Billy is talented or that the style isn’t something I appreciate, but rather its just not something that I ever took to until there was an emotional touch-stone there to make it real to me. The slices of life that infuse his music are not necessarily unique, but are done better than just about anyone I’ve ever heard.

And while the playlist above is phenomenal, I would be remiss without including the one played for Curtis’ funeral. Not much with music really moves me anymore, but this one? It gets me every. single. time.