My earliest memory #tinychallenges

My earliest memory #tinychallenges

How far back does your memory go? Mine goes back quite a way into my past; all the way to the tender age of three. It was 1979, the first weekend of May. My family was in the middle of building a new house and in preparation for the move in a few months, we had a yard sale. This isn't really an odd occurrence, only that my memory of it, at not quite four years of age, is.

The memories are not that detailed, but some fragments still remain. A coupke scenes do stand out, but more as a series of mental images where no physical photos actually exist.

The first mental image is of my mother sitting on the front porch of the house, talking with a friend, while I repeatedly interrupt them to ask if a particular piece of clothing is a boys outfit or a girls. Incredibly exciting for a first memory, I know.

The second memory is of me sitting, or rather standing, in the back seat of the car as we back out ofthe driveway of the house after the yard sale was done. The clothing racks from the last memory sit in front of the house, now empty. All I can see is the shrinking racks as we back down the drive into the street. This isn't much for a second memory, either.

Why start here with memories of my childhood, the theme of this series of #tinychallenges, when I could have started anywhere in my young life? Well, if you must start somewhere, it might as well be back at the beginning. so that is where I start, regardless of it being the most boring of entries.

They will get more interesting from here (or at least we all hope that they do).