The BA and Social Media

This blog post originally appeared on on March 29, 2010.

On March 18, I gave a presentation to the Louisville, Kentucky chapter of the IIBA about the ways in which Social Media impacts the BA. The audience really seemed to enjoy the conversation (and conversation is one of the big themes of the night) so I thought I would share it with all the readers as well.

While I think I put together a nice presentation, this one was nearly obliterated during the conversion from Apple’s Keynote into PowerPoint format. I cleaned up, split apart all the transitions and added speaker notes for everyone to see, but you really lose a lot in the translation. While I embedded it in this blog post, I suggest you go to and download the presentation to see all the information contained within it. Also note that slide 4 is a video that has been removed as it was too large to fit in the presentation, but if you click the link you can go watch the original.

Slide decks are nice, but if you’re using them correctly, the meat of the presentation isn’t actually on the screen, but found in the interaction between presenter and audience. Still, I hope you all enjoy the presentation and you find it useful to you. Feel free to redistribute it and or mix it up to suit your needs. That’s the whole idea of social media!