Things I've learned recently...

This blog entry is going to be a bit different than most as I’m going to rake your eyes with a list of bullets. Basically, this is a bunch of cool links that have come my way recently, all of which have taught me something. Learning is not a bad thing!

  • The first item on this list is something I learned as I was logging in to Blogger to write this literary masterpiece (or whatever it is). It comes from the blog Bonobo Handshake and relates to a particular post regarding ’the testicle biting game’. Now, I don’t know about you folks out there on the net, but for some reason, this just doesn’t sound like my idea of a good time. A bit of nibbling isn’t so bad, but full out biting? I think I’ll pass. Still, the bonobo society seems to be an interesting one, given the comments underneath the blog title on its main page.
  • The Economics of Gold-digging. If you’ve known me for very long at all, you know that my dating history, minus my current relationship, has been somewhat of a recurring disaster. No real gold-diggers in there anywhere, but lots of women who simply were not good for me (nor me for them). I read articles like this and it makes me glad I’m not wealthy because the last thing I need in life is another group of crazed females.
  • Chicken. Chicken Chicken, Chicken Chicken. Chicken, Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken. Chicken.
  • The Navy Gay Bomb. Really, they spent my tax money on this? Exactly why we need a president who won’t fund this kind of crap. I’m all for having a national defense, but seriously, this, and most government military research, is utter garbage.
  • I have a thing about teeth. They don’t have to be perfect, but modern orthodontics and dentistry can do AMAZING things. If your teeth are a bit less than sparkling white, that’s cool, its hard to keep them snow white, unless you go to drastic measures. If one or two are slightly out of place, that just ads character. However, if your teeth are gray, deep yellow, green, brown or black, you really should get that looked at. Rotting incisors are not the way to a better life. That said, there are some products released that are just absurd. Seriously, sonic waves generated from music from your iPod will NOT clean and whiten your teeth. I even asked a dentist, my sister, and she confirmed the lunacy of this product. Just try not to fry your brain when your saliva pierces the battery case.