Unsolicited advice for all of us, too

This post originally appeared July 18, 2012 on BetterProjects.net.

If you haven’t heard yet, Marissa Mayer, 20th employee at Google, is the new CEO of Yahoo! (don’t ever forget the exclamation point, its that important!) I’ve always been impressed with her work at Google and am glad to see her get a shot to run the show, even at a company as troubled as Yahoo! With that said, she’s got a lot of work waiting for her and more than a few pundits waiting to give her advice on what she should be doing.

That said, a person who until recently worked at Yahoo! decided to give her a bit of unsolicited advice. As I read this list, it cracked me up because there are soooo many items on it that our companies could probably learn from as well. Item #7 especially caught my eye:
No roadmaps from product teams looking out over 6 months. Make a poster with the words “We ship code, not slide decks” and circulate it with product management.
What items could you add to this list?