31 Days of Music - Pomplamoose - 30 Rock #tinychallenges

Every once in a while, a band comes along that is so catchy you can’t help immediately falling for them. Pomplamoose wasn’t that band. It took a while for them to grow on me, but as their sound and professionalism grew, so to did my fondness for their work. What finally won me over completely is how my kids loved their music and it was something we could watch that didn’t drive me insane.

What I think I find even more impressive than their music (which is good) is their ability to put out a catchy video out of such modest equipment and means. Then throw in that Jack is also the founder and CEO of Patreon (for which he takes no salary) and I’m even more impressed. These two are simply nailing it on so many levels.

I wish I had known that something like what they do would have been even possible when I was a music major in college; I might have held on and stayed that course, knowing that one day maybe I could do what they do. The technology wouldn’t have been much of a challenge for me nor would the musical work. The creativity of the video work, on the other hand, would have been a stretch.

If MTV was the video revolution, then YouTube has improved on that by decentralizing and democratizing. Without the internet and streaming services, Pomplamoose probably wouldn’t exist as something more than a side project, if that. Here’s to technology making our world better by making Pomplamoose, and other similar groups, possible.