31 Days of Music - The Wallflowers - Bringing Down the Horse #tinychallenges

Summer of 1997 and I was traveling with a revival team around the state of Florida. For those who have known me less than a decade, this probably seems to be an odd thing to find out about me, but those who have known me for much longer realize this is a part of what made me who I am.

If that summer had a theme song, its probably this one. We listened to a lot of music that summer, traveling around the state, but this one summed up the time. Its not that the lyrics in any way represented our adventures, but the music itself somehow seemed to mirror the journey that all 5 guys in that white GMC minivan went through during those 10 weeks on the road.

Jakob Dylan was someone I didn’t know existed prior to hearing this album and though his father was someone I knew of but didn’t really listen to, I would never have expected to enjoy his son’s work any more than the father’s. This band hasn’t been a mainstay in my life, but a few songs, whenever they show up on the radio or an iTunes mix, take me back to that summer of 97.