As U.S. birth rate drops, concern for the future mounts

As U.S. birth rate drops, concern for the future mounts: “One of the most important strategies is invest in the younger generation, the human capital,” Myers says. “We can actually survive with fewer kids but we need to bring them along … At the end of the decade, when Baby Boomer retirement hits us really hard, at that point we’ll be begging for workers.”
I find the last sentence (emphasis mine) to be incredibly fascinating. What this really means is that there will be an exodus from the higher-end, higher-paying jobs. For someone like me, who will be in my early 40s at that point, that means that lots of top-end jobs should be opening up for motivated individuals to step right into. Its somewhat a silver lining, albeit one that won’t really impact much more than a small sub-set of the working population. For those of us who strive to be in that subset however, things might turn out very well indeed.