Compliment or Insult?

so, i’m getting my allergy shot last night. my sister, kimberly, gives me my shots, which is quite convenient, but before that happens, i end up spending an hour over at wes lisa’s house, my sister’s neighbors, chatting. wasn’t really in my plan for the evening, but such is life. i did have an interesting conversation with wes and lisa’s daughter, olivia, who is a high school junior that just turned 16 years old, which went something like this:

olivia: so what year did you graduate?
kimberly: hahahahahaha
me: from what?
olivia: high school. wasn’t it like 98?
me: well, i first off like how you’re thinking, but 98 would have been when i graduated from college.
olivia: so, you graduated from high school in 94? i was 3 years old then!!!!!

not quite sure what to make of that conversation. compliment or insult? you be the judge…