I want a baby #tinychallenges

I want a baby #tinychallenges

(There is a whole bunch of irony in the headline for this post; no one think that I missed it!)

This is a phrase that never passed my lips, but it was said to me once when I was a teenager. My job during the last couple years of high school was that of a car washer. Hey, don't knock it; its actually an awesome job for a teenage boy. I calculated that during my time doing that job, over 10,000 cars had my backside sitting in the driver's seat, albeit for no more than 30 seconds a piece. If it rained, I got the day off (without pay, so it wasn't all great). I got to be outside all the time (at 100 degrees or 20).

While most days were quite busy, there were the occasional days where it was overcast and rain was in the forecast, so no one wanted to get their car washed. On these rare days, we employees camped out in the lobby just talking about whatever came to mind. Most days, there were four teenage boys working the car wash and one teenage woman running the cash register.

On one of these rare inside days, that cashier looked me right in the eye and uttered the words in the title of this post (minus #tinychallenges). My response was probably pretty epic, "I... need to go wash some towels." I promptly departed the lobby and never again let myself get in a conversation with her.

There are probably good ways for a teenage girl to indicate her interest in a teenage boy; that definitely isn't it.