Why Quality Is Important

This post originally appeared June 22, 2011 on BetterProjects.net.

MG Siegler on Apple:

Even Apple haters cannot deny the quality of the products. Bitch about price, bitch about control, bitch about the fruit logo — but quality is simply never a compelling argument. Because Apple wins.
Somewhat colorful language aside, I can’t think of a bigger compliment anyone could receive in a project than to say that their quality product is the reason they are successful every time.

Ok, so what, you say. Why is this important? He continues:
Apple will remain in a position of power for the foreseeable future because they have nailed that model.
Apple knows what business they are in, they constantly evolve that model to not just anticipate the needs of markets but to create markets and they do it better than anyone else. When was the last time that any of us evolved the project model? When did any of us create an entire new market for projects to inhabit?

When we, and I speak for myself as the first person in this line, own the model, we’ll win every time.