31 Days of Music - Fantastic Negrito #tinychallenges

I really didn’t know what to expect when I heard about the NPR Tiny Desk Contest but I did know that the winner would likely be someone I had never heard of and something that I likely wouldn’t like. For some reason, adult contemporary, which is what NPR usually plays, is really hit or miss with me with the miss being the more likely outcome. I just can’t get into the afternoon music shows and about 1 in 20 of the tiny desk concerts really strike me as great. When they’re great, they’re really great, but most just fall flat for me.

This one was different. Amazingly well staged, passionately sung and musically interesting made this one an instant success to me. When you dig into the background of the lead singer and the insane life he has led, the passion of the lyrics really comes home.

The only thing that depresses me a bit is that, while the group has seen some minor success since this win, they haven’t released anything new or seen greater success. Here is hoping that sometime soon we’ll see more from them.