About Me

My professional elevator pitch...

The reason I work is to make other people's lives better, by changing the way they do their work or the systems they use to do their work. It is these kinds of improvements in people’s lives that I believe enables them to go out and exceed their customer’s wildest expectations.

My personal elevator pitch...

There is nothing on this earth that won't remind me of either a song, joke or a story. I will make you laugh at how miserably I will fail at relating to you the first two, but will wow you with my skills in the third.

One of my greatest joys in life is to do something you don’t expect. The greatest compliment anyone has ever paid me is to say, “You’re weird.” Thank you for noticing. When people say that, and lots of them have, that is their way of telling me that I am something they didn’t expect and they’re not yet quite sure what to make of me. Its true; my thought patterns are not like yours or anyone else's you know, but that's ok, yours are unlikely to in any way resemble mine and likely look just as odd to you as yours do to me.

My favorite music...

Dave Matthews Band
The Black Keys
John Mayer
Ok Go
Jack Johnson

My favorite fiction authors...

Robert Jordan
Glen Cook
John Scalzi
Patrick Rothfuss

My favorite non-fiction authors...

Alan Cooper
Jim Collins
Winston Churchill

Further Information About Me...

CV Edward