31 Days of Music - Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams #tinychallenges

Is it a great album? Probably not. Sometimes, one comes along at just the right time in your life that really fills a void in your music library. This most assuredly was how Jack Johnson first crossed my radar.

The first single from this album I heard was Sitting, Waiting, Wishing. The video, again nothing amazing, was impressive until I saw my first OK GO video. It amused me.

So why did this music come along at the right time? Much of it stems back to my dissatisfaction with my life at the time. The job wasn’t going anywhere and I needed out. This album has such a feel of walking away from all the complexities of life and getting back to the simpler, earlier times. It had been 8 years since I had graduated college and I was turning 30, with no view of a better life on the horizon (wow, was I ever wrong about that as within months I would have a new job and would also meet my eventual wife).

So this album reminds me, even if just subconsciously, that that time moves really slowly until it moves really quickly. Sit back and enjoy the ride.