31 Days of Music - Spin Doctors - Pocket Full of Kryptonite #tinychallenges

A former coworker of mine once referred to this as the album with one song and 10 pauses. To him, the album was repetitive and uninteresting. Obviously, I disagree.

Is this great music? No, but as we’ve previously discussed, this is all about music that means something to me, not that its the best music in the world. The Spin Doctors are a band of their time, the early 90s, and while they’re still making music and their style has changed some, they’re still a band of this era. No one criticizes the bands of the 80s for still doing their thing, so lets not judge a band that came along only a few years later for the same thing.

I remember being on a choir trip, probably in December of 1992, singing Christmas tunes in a mall and taking a few minutes during our lunch time to hit the music store. I grabbed this album as I had heard Two Princes on the radio and loved it.

Over the years, I’ve snagged a couple more of their albums, but none of them ever captured the magic that was this first full album of theirs. I wouldn’t call them one-hit wonders (they did get two hit songs!) but they were a fun band who have shown themselves capable of producing smiles when they play.

Probably my favorite moment with this band is one of their live albums when the singer is discussing the aura of the audience as a large, green cloud hovering overtop all their heads. Even the sheltered kid I was realized he was just looking at the cloud of pot smoke from the stoned audience.