31 Days of Music - The Black Keys - Tighten Up #tinychallenges

The first time I heard this single, I was on my way to lunch, sitting at the stop light just outside my office. I thought to myself, hey, this is pretty great. I’ll have to look this one up after I slurp down the forthcoming bag of greasy food and get back to my desk. Little did I know that this would lead to a many years long obsession.

How did a band with a 10 year back catalog that is this amazing finally show up on my radio at a random time? And how have I not heard of them before? Suddenly, they were everywhere and I had to get everything they’ve ever done. In the years since, they have yet to fail me. In fact, their back catalog might be better than their work since this song was released, but that isn’t to say their newer stuff is bad.

The intensity, the playfulness and the homage to the artists who they love and influenced them was obvious from the first listen thru this album. This is one of the few bands I’ve ever heard and thought, had things gone differently (different instrument and a higher vocal range), this might have been me. If there was ever a sound that I thought fit in with my musical training and personal aesthetic, it would be The Black Keys.