31 Days of Music - The Blues Brothers - Discography #tinychallenges

Some bands just end too early. Its not that they are amazing musically (well, at least the singers are not), but they have something just a little special when you hear them.

When you first hear them, they seem like a gimmick, till you do the research and find out Aykroyd is as legit of a blues man as they come, regardless of being Canadian. His love for the genre is unsurpassed and he’s done so much over the years to promote it.

Sure, this started out as a way to get the SNL crowd up and moving before the sketches, yet it became so much more. Albums, concerts and eventually a movie (just one movie; there are people who claim there to be a sequel but it does NOT exist).

The thing they did the best was to find an amazing band to back them up and give that band the freedom to do amazing things. The horns are tight, the rhythm section is pumping and the vocals are impassioned. You just don’t find music better than this.