31 Days of Music - Tower of Power - What is Hip? #tinychallenges

That year I played baritone sax in college jazz band saw me introduced to Tower of Power. As our conductor was also a jazz saxophonist, he knew all the music that was likely to inspire the front row of the ensemble on to greater and greater musical heights. He nailed it when he brought me into his office to hear this track.

The baritone sax player has chops. The precision, especially in the lower ranges of the instrument is just spectacular and to a guy who had played the horn less than a year and was enamored with it, this was something spectacular to strive toward with my sound.

Sadly, my time with the horn was short lived, but my love for it remains, largely due to music like this that shows me what is possible to be produced in the hands of a master. I like to think that this desire for excellence informs the rest of my life and the elements that are now important to me even if music is no longer one of those things which has much of a place in my life.