31 Days of Music - ZZ Top - Antenna #tinychallenges

I’m sorry, did I just break your brain? Ted, you’re thinking, you are just about the antithesis of anything Texas, yet you just whipped out the prototypical Texas band… and you didn’t even pick one of their better albums! What is wrong with you?

You’ve got to step back in time about 22 years to my senior year in high school to really get this one. My two good friends, Chasson and Scott, would join me on Tuesdays and Thursdays, where we would grab a snack at Chasson’s house, watch a little MTV and then head over to Tae Kwon Do lessons. While most of what happened on MTV even at this time was not videos, on occasion, they did play them. The video for Breakaway showed up one of those days and blew our minds.

Vampires were really just starting to hit it big at this time (pre Interview with the Vampire being a movie, by just a few months) and some of the fantasy novels we were reading featured vampires in prominent roles. To teenage boys, this video was magic candy.

Looking back on the video now, I see the ridiculousness of it, but I can’t deny that the song still has a certain groove that just won’t let me breakaway.

(Yes, I just went there. Deal with it.)