Got my hand on the wheel #tinychallenges

Got my hand on the wheel #tinychallenges

I was told the easiest way to get to my hotel, was to call a phone # and ask for a pick-up. Its not as crazy as it sounds.

What was crazy was how bad the connection was on that call. She was barely intelligible in her directions from the airport. I was to take the third stop off the shuttle, walk down the pier and wait for the cab. When I was walking down the aluminum pier, looking out over the bay in Boston, I realized that my cab was actually a boat.

She showed up a few minutes later, snugging into the dock as if she had done so a thousand times before. During the wait, several others had joined me on the dock, so at least I wouldn't be the only person drowning in the harbor. No swimming would be required on this trip.

The water taxi delivered us across the harbor in style, but it wasn't the trip any of us expected to have. Just after we cleared the pier, the captain said she was tired of driving the boat and if one of us didn't take the helm, well, not her problem any more. When everyone else demurred, I took the wheel by default.

We survived, but the instructions on how to dock could have been better. I turned the wheel in the wrong direction, causing the real captain to shoulder check me into the rail to make sure the boat docked without incident. I can't blame her; I would have done the same in her situation. Of course, I wouldn't have let me behind the wheel in the first place, either.