I'm not sure what this says...

So, first up, take a look at this video. Now, think about what you just saw and tell me that something just doesn’t look a wee bit out of place in it. Was I the only person to notice that the only white people in the entire clip were the media?

Seriously, all cultural stereotypes aside, you can’t tell me that there wasn’t one mad white person in that entire line of annoyed customers. You can’t tell me that not even one redneck would allow themselves to be filmed spewing venom at the good people of Popeyes.

Ok, so maybe the franchisee was dumb (maybe all of them were) for not ordering enough chicken to last the day. Maybe corporate operations could only allot so much to any given store. Maybe they intentionally didn’t order enough so they didn’t incur such a large immediate cost. All of these are possibilities, none of which we can honestly say for sure is the truth.

What we do know is that if this news channel wasn’t paying attention, and given that HORRIBLY bad pun at the start of the segment I can’t help but think they were not, then this story really makes the entire staff look terrible. Seriously, is this really journalism?

The content of the customers comments made me feel right at home here in KY though. Change out a chicken restaurant for a hamburger joint, preferably McDonalds, and I could see carloads of hillbillies raising just as much of a stink. I especially enjoyed the woman who implied that the store running out of chicken was taking food out of her kid’s mouths. It was even more amusing because it didn’t look like she had missed a meal herself in a loooooong time. The dude who claimed he was done with Popeye’s over this made me laugh as well. Seriously, you’re getting an 8 piece bucket of chicken for $5 and you’re complaining that they sold so well the store ran out? Dude, get there earlier next time if it bothers you that bad.

If anything, this story should teach us that stupidity knows no bounds as everyone here needed a wake-up call, if for totally different reasons. Utterly idiotic.