Journalists acting a Business Analysts

This post originally appeared on April 20, 2010 on

One of the activities I think a senior BA should be doing, especially if the BA works in an IT division, is routinely investigating new tools to further collaboration within the ranks of BAs and with the organization as a whole. Project and even support schedules being what they are in today’s corporate world, we don’t always have the kind of ‘free time’ we need in order to look out for new and interesting technologies that could really improve how we do our jobs.

One new service that is pioneering new methods of collaboration is Google Wave. I've written about the tool before, but a new article I saw this morning only reinforces my previous conclusion, that this is a tool that has the potential to greatly change how we work on projects. If the tool can be such a great impact as to help journalists win a Pulitzer, then surely it can help us on our projects as well.