Pouring my own pint #tinychallenges

Pouring my own pint #tinychallenges

Ireland was a fantastic vacation. 8 days and change of touring around the entire island cannot be beat, unless its even more time in the emerald isles.

When my wife was planning out the trip, she wanted to know what it was I wanted to do during our time there. I only had one requirement... visiting the Guinness brewery. "Really? There is nothing else?" she asked. Of course I wanted to see a lot else, but truthfully, that was the only non-negotiable I had.

The tour was interesting, but nothing revolutionary. I had already read the book about the history of Guiness and its founding family, so much of the historic information was not new, but at least was presented in an entertaining format.

What was most intersting was learning, first hand, how to pour a Guiness. We almost skipped this part of the tour, but decided we had enough time, so why not?

The reasoning as to why pouring a Guiness takes two and a half minutes was pseudo-science, but was interesting to understand the viewpoint, if nothing else. I will say this for my time in Ireland, no matter where you are or what beer you order, they pour a perfect pint.