Recycling old toilets #tinychallenges

Recycling old toilets #tinychallenges

What do you get for your close friends who are getting married and already have everything they could ever need or want? Why, an old toilet of course!

For the life of me, I can't remember anymore who was the first couple in our friend group to receive one, but somehow it happened that every time a friend was about to get married, one of us would luck into an old toilet from a remodeling project or a neighbor throwing out a broken one, and we would 'liberate' this piece of artwork to adorn someone's front yard.

Delivery always occurred during the honeymoon, usually the day after the happy couple departed for a week. You know, to ensure that the neighbors got the full effect of the present for the maximum length of time, ensuring a friendly welcome to the new resident of the home.

Yeah, we could be jerks.

I was the last member of our friend group to get married, so we had delivered maybe half a dozen of these lovely gifts in the half decade or so prior to my wedding. My assumption was that I would return from the honeymoon to find my entire yard filled with these wonderful porcelain trophies, but that did not end up being the case. There was only a slight amount of disappointment on returning home, that no one had been able to procure such a gift for us.

Sometimes you really do luck out!