Sand the floor #tinychallenges

Sand the floor #tinychallenges

It was my second day as a homeowner. My father and I rented a floor sander and refinished the floors in my brand new (to me) home. They had not been cared for in years (decades) and were in severe need of a little TLC.

The first thing we discovered was that the cheaper the sheets of sanding paper, the better off you were. The expensive ones wouldn't adhere to the bottom of the sander and slid off faster than the cheap ones. We would start the sander, move it all of 2-3', turn it off, reset the sand paper and repeat the whole process. It took forever just to do about 1,000 square feet of flooring.

After resting a while in the afternoon, I then got down on hands and knees to wipe the entire floor clean and apply the first coat of polyurethane. After a night of exhausted sleep, I got up the next morning to put a second coat on the floor. By that Sunday evening, my third as a homeowner, the floor had dried enough to allow me to move in the furniture.

I know that there have been more strenuous weekends in my life, but none that were quite so hectic and tiring. It was done and I had the place to myself. All 6 pieces of furniture that had graced my previous three apartments could have easily fit in two rooms of a 1,300 sq foot house, but it was home, albeit an empty one.