Stupid Project Labels

This post originally appeared February 3, 2011 on

We’ve all see product labels that leaving us scratching our heads trying to understand what it was that the authors of the the product descriptions were trying to convey to us, the purchasers. This got me thinking, what if projects were labeled appropriately? What would these labels be? Some of these could be funny, yet quite meaningful:

  • Warning! May cause EXTREME profitability! Implement with CAUTION!
  • Only intended for use by professional stakeholders!
  • May be harmful if directions are not followed exactly.
Some could also be quite humorous:
  • Do not use if you cannot see clearly to read the requirements contained within this document.
  • Warning! May Cause Drowsiness!
  • Open Document. Open Mind. Keep brain from falling out.
  • Warning! This project contains nuts!
  • Warning! Project may cause homicidal tendencies.
What about you? How would you label your projects?