Vroom Vroom!

The comments in my last blog, regarding my numerous hobbies, reminded me that I had been lazy about getting up a post about a watershed event in my life. After nearly two years, I finally started the first of the three motorcycles in my basement. The 1983 Honda CX650 Custom is now operational.

It has been a long time getting here, and I have some more time to go before the other two are also running, but now I have confidence that it can be done and done well. I think that the next thing will be to get the other nearly complete bike, a 1980 Honda CB650, running. It should be fairly simple to do so, at least that is what I hope. Here are some more pics of the CX as it is now. Note, that last statement is not exactly true as both wheels have been removed as two new tires are on order and will hopefully be on the wheels by Friday evening of this week.

Picasaweb Photo Album of a 1983 Honda CX650 Custom