My first ride in "The Car" #tinychallenges

My first ride in "The Car" #tinychallenges

It was 1987, my sister's high-school graduation party and I was all of 10 years old. My parents had presented her with the keys to her new car during the party and I got to tag along in the back seat with her on her inaugural drive home.

I don't remember most of the ride, only that I kept looking between the front seats to see over the massively long hood to see the road in front of us. Something stuck that day though, and ever since, its just been "the car" to me.

Born in late 1965, its a Ford Mustang Coupe with a six cylinder, 200 cubic inch engine with an automatic transmission. When it came into the family in 1987, it had been salvaged from at least two other vehicles to be combined into its current form.

Its been in our family for over 30 years now, which is more than 3/5ths of its total lifespan. Not to shabby for a vehicle that was probably on its way to the junkyard before a friend of my father's rescued and resuscitated it. Here's to hoping its journey lasts many more.